Hauora Widget

Hauora let's you keep track of your current health and fitness stats on your home screen. You can create and customize widgets to show exactly the information you want to see. The widgets can display data from the health and fitness apps. You can for example keep track of your steps that day or how much sugar you consumed last week.

The customization includes:

  • name
  • data source
  • time frame
  • goals
  • colors

There are currently two widget types: Goal and Graph

Goal Widget:

With this widget type you can keep track how you are doing with regards to a goal you set yourself. It sums all the data for the given time frame and presents it to you using a ring graph. For example you can use if you want to make 10,000 steps a day or want to burn 1,000 kilocalories a week with bicycle trainings. This type is available in the small widget size.

Graph Widget:

With the graph widget you can get a more detailed view on your progress. It shows you a graph of how well you did the last hours or days. You could use it to track how much you rode your bike every day for the last week. This type is available for the medium widget size.

NOTE: With the free version you can only have one widget at a time. If you want to have more please buy the in-app purchase.